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What Are Electric Fly Killers?

Electric Fly Killer units provide effective elimination of a wide range of flying insects including Bluebottle flies (Blowflies), Cluster flies, wasps, moths, midges, mosquitoes, gnats. Please note that UV lights are not effective at attracting Houseflies, Lesser Houseflies and Fruit flies!

Electronic Insect Killer units are available in an array of sizes, materials and colours. Insects are attracted to the UV light emitted by fluorescent or more recently LED lamps, and then killed by a High-voltage electric grill or stuck to a glue-coated cardboard (Glueboard).

Types of Electric fly Killers (EFKs)

All EFKs are divided into three categories. Just click on links below to access our range.

Each category of fly killer contains a range of products developed to meet specific requirements in any situation.
You can browse through our range of electronic insect killers but please Contact us for advice and full EFK products specifications.

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