How to Remove a Wasp Nest?

Getting Rid of a Wasp Nest

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A large wasp nest removed from an attic

What do wasp nests Look Like?

Wasps are 1 – 2cm long with bright yellow and black banding. New nests are formed each year by queen wasps that have hibernated over the winter.

Depending on the weather, wasp nests can be found in late spring/early summer. The nest is usually constructed from chewed bark and dried timber mixed with saliva and is a light grey/beige colour with a papery appearance. Wasp nests are found typically in roof spaces, airbricks, cavity walls, garden sheds, trees and even in rockeries and flowerbeds if left undisturbed. The nest dies in autumn and is never reused the following year.

Sometimes the wasp nest cannot be seen but the wasp activity is obvious near the entrance to the nest. Our video below shows the evidence of a hidden wasp nest

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What to do with a Wasp Nest?

Wasp Nest Treatment and Removal

If left undisturbed, a nest will grow to the size of 3000-5000 individuals. Wasps can be aggressive, and if a nest is built close to a building it will soon cause a nuisance to children at play or passing people. If you are allergic to wasp stings you should stay away from the nest until it is being treated.

Never ignore the risks of a wasp sting. In some individuals, allergic reactions can be fatal within a few hours even with medical intervention. This happened in Naas, Co. Kildare recently, when a 55-year-old father got stung in his garden and was not able to reach his adrenalin injection kept just yards away in the house.

Therefore the best way to get rid of wasps is to remove or treat all identified wasp nests. A professional Pest Controller wears protective clothing and will apply the treatment directly onto the nest, and may be able to remove it. Efficiently treated nests start to die within an hour.

Owl Pest Control technicians use safe and professional products to get rid of wasp nests. Removing hundreds of wasp nests every summer in all areas around Dublin, they have the experience in dealing safely with wasps and hornets from any area around homes and buildings. This includes:

  • Wasp nests in the garden shed, trees, bushes, and in the ground
  • Nest of wasps in cavity wall or bricks
  • A wasp nest under the porch, in the garage.
  • Wasps flying in and out of PVC meter boxes, little cracks, roof boards
  • Wasp nest in air vents and other inaccessible areas
  • Nests in eaves or apex of a roof,
  • Hornet and wasp nest in the higher parts of the house, e.g. attic, roof space or behind fascia boards.
wasp-nest-removal- Owl pest control Dublin.
Man-Dies-after-wasp-Sting-in-His-Garden - Owl Pest Control Dublin
wasp-nest-removal-close-up-nest.Owl pest control Dublin.

Wasp Sting Treatment

wasp-nest-removal- Owl pest control Dublin.
Man-Dies-after-wasp-Sting-in-His-Garden - Owl Pest Control Dublin
wasp-nest-removal-close-up-nest.Owl pest control Dublin.

Wasp Nest Treatment and Removal

A wasp can repeatedly sting you. To easily and effectively treat wasp stings, we recommend the following:

Wash the sting with soap and water;

Take an antihistamine even if you are not allergic to stings;

Apply some ice to the sting.

Individuals allergic to wasp stings may develop severe reactions. A mild reaction will include intense redness, swelling, itching and pain all occurring within minutes. More severe reactions to wasp stings include generalised swelling and itching, faintness, sweating, a pounding headache, stomach cramps or vomiting, a feel of impending doom, a tight chest or choking sensation with swelling of the throat and in extreme cases anaphylactic shock with death resulting.

If you are allergic to a wasp sting you should call an ambulance immediately.

Get Rid of Wasps in Dublin with Professional Help

For more information about wasps or if you need a professional treatment to get rid of wasps in County Dublin, Contact our Service team or book a treatment directly from our Wasp Service website:

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