Getting Rid of Flies

  1. Why Flies are pests?
  2. What Flies do I have?
  3. Preventing Flies – Sanitation, Cleaning & Proofing
  4. Killing Flies
  5. Professional Fly Control Solutions

1) Why Flies are pests?

In Ireland, many species of pest flies can infest your home or business. Through disease they spread such as E. Coli and Salmonella, flies pose a health risk to humans, livestock and pets. Some flies such as horseflies can even bite animals and humans.

Flies usually reproduce very quickly (e.g. as little as 8 days for Fruit Flies) and every sign of activity must be addressed immediately in order to avoid serious infestations.

2) What Flies do I have?

It is essential to identify the fly species in order to look for the breeding area and eradicate them efficiently. You can check the links below to identify the most common species of flies in Ireland. If you cannot find the fly you are looking for just send us a few samples in a small sealed container and we will identify them for you.

Close up Cluster fly - Owl pest control Dublin
pest-guide-houseflies-3-Owl pest control Ireland

3) Preventing Flies

Sanitation, Cleaning & Proofing

You can prevent a lot of fly problems by doing the following:

  • (Outdoor) keep your compost bin and wheelie bins clean and closed. Fly maggots could easily infest these in the summer months
  • Clean your kitchen thoroughly. Small food residues such as cakes or cut fruits attract flies
  • Clean and disinfect your kitchen bin regularly
  • Your kitchen bin should be covered with a lid at all times
  • Strong smells attract flies so if you have something rotten in your bin close the bin bag and bring it to your wheelie bin immediately
  • Feed your pets at regular times and do not leave pet food exposed permanently, especially outside. Rinse pet food dishes and remove spillages after every meal
  • Get Fly Screens Mesh Mesh fitted to your windows and doors. This is the most efficient way to keep flies out

4) Killing Flies

There are several ways to get rid of flies yourself:

  • Aerosol sprays, fly sticky paper, fly swat – all available in hardware store
  • Buy an Electric Fly Killer. See our selection HERE
  • Purchase Smoke Bombs – ideal for large amount of flies, spread out or very high such as Cluster Flies in attic

5) Professional Fly Control Solutions

Owl Pest Control offer a range of fly monitoring and control solutions to prevent fly larvae and adult flies. Our technicians have many years of training and experience in dealing with fly issues. Call Owl Pest Control Dublin if you need a professional solution to your fly problem.

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