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Need structural repairs after pest damage?

We can often link persistent rat activity in gardens or in the grounds of a residential complex to issues with the sewer system, i.e. Norway Rats digging from inside a shore or broken sewer pipe. Rodents can also access buildings through defects in the outer wall as illustrated below.

Mice or rat access to house through walls
Mice or rat access to house through walls
Possible rodent entry Point - Owl pest control Dublin
manholes-with-rodent Burrows-Owl Pest Control Ireland
collapsed-pavement-Owl Pest Control Ireland

When rats and mice enter wall cavities and insulation voids, it is only a matter of time before these rodents gain access into the house (or apartment) through apertures such as air vents. Mice and rats are subsequently responsible for major damage to the building by chewing through PVC water pipes or electrical wires.

Our highly trained engineers can help identify and resolve rat and mice related issues. This includes using CCTV sewer surveys, excavating and repairing broken sewer pipes and deteriorated manholes.

Weep Holes Covers

We fit protectors by inserting them into mortar joints left in brickwork for air movement (weep holes). The unit prevents access by Mice and most flying and crawling insects.

chewed-wire-rats-Owl Pest Control Ireland
fixed-pipes-sewer-Owl Pest Control Ireland
fixed-pipes-sewer2-Owl Pest Control Ireland
Brick - Owl pest control Dublin

Owl Pest Control Repair Examples

Rat damage sewer repairs - Owl pest control Dublin
Rat damage sewer repairs
Proofing for Rodents - Owl pest control Dublin
Proofing for Rodents

UPC / NTL / Eircom / Telecom / Cable Box Door Replacement

Mice and rats can easily enter the structure through cable boxes if the door is open or missing. This happens regularly after technicians work on the cables during connection or disconnection of the television or telephone service. We recommend you check the cable box doors around your building walls regularly or immediately after the visit of a technician.

If the cable door box is missing or there is damage to the cable box, we can replace it for you. We also supply directly these replacement cable doors and boxes to the public.

Possible Rodent entry Point-Owl Pest Control Ireland
Owl Pest Control

Need structural repair products?

Cable box Doors-Owl Pest control Ireland
Cable box with Door-Owl Pest control Ireland
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